Publishing is a global industry netting over $41 billion dollars. Today’s world is online. Publishers miss valuable market share if they’re not converting print magazines to digital.

EPublishing platforms help you deliver print content to the digital community.

Read on to learn which ePublishing platforms make the top publishing platforms list.

Understanding Web VS. Native Apps

A web app, or application, is a program. You access a web app through your browser because it’s stored on a remote server. A native app is an application program designed for a specific platform, such as an iPhone or Android.

Since native apps are geared for their platform, they offer an optimized experience. The drawback is that if you want to offer your digital content through an app, you’ll need to create more than one.

Creating many different apps means taking more time and spending more money.

When it comes to ePublishing, the first decision is whether to design a web app or a native app.

If you want beautiful graphics and a great user experience, you might choose a native app. But keep in mind the web app experience satisfies most people. And almost half your traffic still comes from a desktop.

Of those who own mobile phones in the U.S., smartphones are 77% of the market. If you’re getting started in ePublishing native apps are a good choice.

Certain platforms are better for different types of content. Take a look at the following platforms and your content type to make a decision about the best platform for you.

Web App ePublishing Platforms

Since web apps live on a server, they’re accessed through the web. There’s no need to download an app. If your interest is in brand publishing, advertising, content marketing, or company magazines, a web app works well.

In the above scenarios, quick access, smooth loading, and analytics are crucial. Users can access content from their desktop or mobile device.


Joomag is a robust publishing platform. It’s got every facet of the publishing cycle covered. Create, distribute, track, and monetize your online publication all from the single platform.

Upload your own PDF or use one of the Joomag templates. Add photo galleries, video, and interactive elements. Use across all the major mobile platforms as well as desktops.

Joomag allows embedding the online magazine right into a website. Select keywords for SEO for higher search engine ranking. Joomag offers detailed tracking analytics with pageviews, sources, and much more.


Readz easy-to-use platform requires no templates or coding. The editor is easy to use offering pre-made modules and animations. They offer integrated analytics and strong SEO.

You’ll pay about $100 per month for unlimited publications.


If you’re in the retail sector, consider Zmags. Your content drives sales to the integrated eCommerce platform. The content creation platform is easy to use and provides a beautiful digital experience.

Zmags pricing varies widely depending on the service but runs in the mid to high range.


If you’ve worked in WordPress, Woopie will look familiar. It uses templates that look great in browsers and eReaders. Your content looks beautiful and professional.

Woopie isn’t a good choice for marketers due to its lack of page speed tests and SEO. But it’s perfect for internal company communications.

The cost is about $100 for a single publication.

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Native App ePublishing Platforms

If your audience favors an app store and you need marketing tools, native apps are your best bet. Native apps are integrated with InDesign and monetization of content is easy.

If the largest segment of your target market comes from cellphone users, native apps are worth considering.

Adobe Mobile Content

Adobe Mobile Content (AEM) is an enterprise content solution. It creates digital interactive magazines as apps. Because Adobe makes InDesign the integration is seamless.

The price for Adobe is high at around $50,000 per year.


Well-known magazines such as Elle and Men’s Fitness use Aquafadas. It works great for conversion of their existing print layout from InDesign. You can upload PDFs to the server and retrieve them in app form.

Great for designing digital magazines and eBooks for mobile devices.

A single issue is around $720.

Mobile Roadie

Do you have a loyal audience or fan club? Mobile Roadie is a good platform. Design a beautiful experience and engage your audience with interactive experiences. Notable users are Taylor Swift and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Keep your loyal fanbase coming back for more!


Create content apps from scratch using the visual creation environment Semble from Mag+. Use Mag+ Designd for digital magazine creation for smartphones and mobile devices with InDesign.

Mag+ offers these two interweaved products as direct competition to the Adobe suite of ePublishing products.

Prices range between $1,000 and $3,000.


Paperlit’s focus is on digital magazines and brand publishing. Export your app straight from InDesign. They’ll help you share exclusive content through live feeds straight from your website or blog.

They offer a wide variety of plans and pricing.


Clients such as Allstate and Porsche use iMIRUS. It integrates printed content with multimedia interactivity. This translates into branded apps for use on smartphones as well as tablets.

They’ll help your company generate revenue through subscription models. They also host private branded stores.


If you like working with a visual drag-and-drop editor, you’ll like MagLoft. Design and create your own content for a beautiful digital magazine perfect for smartphones and tablets.

If you’re a new magazine, the price point is accessible at $199 per month.

Platforms for ePublishing

There are many options when it comes to ePublishing. Decide if you want a web-based or native app. Note the features important to your goals.

Do you need an interactive experience for a loyal fanbase? Is it eCommerce that’s most important? Do you need comprehensive tracking and analytics?

If you’re working on an entry-level digital magazine, use an ePublishing platform with an accessible price point. If you’re a big company working on a branded experience, you’ll need something more robust.

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