As the years pass by and digital mediums become more important than traditional ones, publishing trends change faster than ever. You might think you finally have a grasp on one way to develop, produce, and share content, and before you know it, it’s passing you by and a new publishing trend has popped up. 

If you have an online magazine or you are in online publishing of any kind, then you might be wondering what kind of digital publishing trends you have to keep an eye out for in 2023. Keep reading to find out. 

Building Brand Loyalty Through Fan-Specific Content

There’s already a lot of pressure on content creators and online publishers to create content regularly and consistently. But it will build up even more as more competitors enter the marketplace and put pressure on everyone else.

Building membership sites or other fan-specific sites or zones will become more ubiquitous. This way publishers can build brand loyalty where deserving loyal customers can get more of what they like, if they pay for the privilege. 

Lots of social media networks are already offering something similar to this. For example, YouTube allows creators to offer memberships where subscribers can get extra content for a monthly fee, depending on how the creator sets their membership up. 

Surely, TikTok, Instagram, and other social media networks will see the sense of this and will start offering similar subscriptions. 

Video Will Continue to Play a Big Role

Video Will Continue to Play a Big Role

It seems like video will continue to be a major part of every marketer’s and publisher’s strategy into 2023 and beyond. Visuals grab the attention of customers better than any other medium. Nowadays with 5G networks and unlimited data plans, it’s become unthinkable not to use video in your content marketing strategy.

The most important thing is to build storytelling into your video content and to have fun with it. Also, give the customers what they want. They are probably already asking you what they want in comments or customer service calls.

Why not make it easier on yourself when creating video content? If your customer is consistently asking you for an answer to a question, create a video on it. Or if many customers ask you why your logo is red or blue, then create a video on that. 

Google News Will Become More Important

Google is king when it comes to the digital publishing industry. And as always, they will continue improving, changing, and adding new algorithms to keep everyone on their toes. 

But more than that, Google News (along with Google Images and Google Shopping) will become important to digital publishers everywhere. You will then be able to get to your customers and potential leads by getting published on Google News.

As Google News expands in potential, its uses and advantages for digital publishers will also grow. Keep an eye out for Google News as a potential publishing platform for your organization.  

Podcasting Will Keep Growing as a Medium

Like video, audio is also a popular way for folks to consume content, especially on the go. Many podcast listeners listen to their favorite episodes while cooking, commuting, or working out. 

It’s much easier than watching a video and it also gives some relief to the worn-out eyes of office workers and computer users. 

If you haven’t created a podcast or an audio offering for your digital publishing platform yet, what are you waiting for? It’s easy enough to convert all your blog posts or video content into audio clips and share them with your audience. 

It will also allow you to get a different demographic of the population, which is always a valuable thing. 

Creating Unique Content Will Be a Constant Challenge

There’s no bigger challenge that faces digital publishers than unique content development. No point putting out tons of content if it’s boring and doesn’t catch anyone’s attention.

That’s why this is going to remain a key challenge and trend for digital publishers everywhere. Thinking out of the box will help in this case.

Converting PDFs into HTML content that you can then publish on your website, or converting it into engaging content of all kinds that works on all devices is going to become key as well. 

Responsive and Interactive Content

Responsive and Interactive Content

All content has to be customized in a way that shows up properly on all devices, no matter the size or resolution. That’s what users demand. They aren’t satisfied with anything else than that.

Not only that, but folks also want to consume content that’s interactive. Seeing the popularity of the Otome Games in Korea and Japan indicates exactly that. These games allow users to dictate the flow of stories in the game, depending on what their interests are. 

Digital publishers will need to start thinking about ways to make their content more interactive and allow audiences to play with their content as they desire. Gamifying everything isn’t necessary, but bits and pieces of your online content should definitely have some gamification in them. 

Build Your Brand Using the Publishing Trends Above

Building Brand Loyalty Through Fan-Specific Content

The customers of today are nothing like what they were like in the past. In fact, digital publishers have to improve their content development game if they want to build brand loyalty and grow profits.

Think through each of the publishing trends above and apply them to your organization bit by bit. Don’t bite off more than you can chew and then leave your customers wanting more.

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