Change Creator Magazine is not just another business magazine app. With a mission to change destructive business practices and empower the change generation, Change Creator Magazine has built a media network and no-fluff magazine that provides proven strategies, tactics and solutions for building and growing a business that drives social profit and financial profit.

When it comes to the online magazine and magazine apps, most of the magazine’s greatest challenge is app store visibility and engagement in the magazine. Change Creator Magazine team always continues to find ways to allow their readers to better organize content, save favorite articles, share content, and even curate blogs and podcasts for the app to become more of a content hub that their subscribers can rely on.

We are proud that Change Creator Magazine has chosen MagLoft to be their partner of magazine apps, and we jumped on a call with the Adam G. Force, the man behind Change Creator Magazine for him to share his experience.

Change Creator magazine is not the money maker for any brand, but I believe that content delivery is. The magazine drives brand equity and is a great tool but I trust that the app today will need to lean into a more inclusive content experience. This will drive engagement rates and allow for stronger subscription models such as areas of free vs locked content. This is the future of media now and MagLoft has this tech foundation built based on the magazine.

Change Creator Magazine originally chose Magloft because MagLoft has the ability to sell the magazine on their own website and this led them to explore other features that MagLoft has such as the capability to read content across devices for the native apps and a better responsive reading.

We were super excited with the solution that MagLoft offer. Today, when readers subscribe or purchase from our website, they will aslo have access to the content via native apps. The implementation was super easy and the MagLoft team was super helpful. We also love the fact that MagLoft offers truly responsive content which makes reading easy on any device sizes and orientation. We have yet to see if this directly impacts engagement but it’s definitely better than a static reading experience like with PDF content.

When evaluating MagLoft as one of the options, what catches Adam’s attention is the fact that MagLoft price is really lean but it still allows them to get all features. The other considerations are the user experience for readers and the MagLoft team’s ongoing vision to optimize the app.

It was really important for us to be able to start lean but still have space to be really creative and get access to the features available at MagLoft. Another essential part is the user experience for readers which allows them to purchase on one device or platform and access on another device at anytime with a simple log in. MagLoft team has also proved that they really step up their game to always be ahead on optimizing and updating the app.

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Change Creator Magazine is a universal magazine and they don’t rely on a single distribution platform. Their website is an important piece of their network and the ability to sell issues and subscription from their website was a must. MagLoft gives Change Creator Magazine the opportunity to sell from their website and unlock content in native apps which in turn allows their readers to enjoy Change Creator Magazine on their preferred device.Change Creator

When it comes to the Editor, Adam has his own thought about it. It is true that the Editor has a small learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it really speeds up the creation process.

The editor is done well, has a few bugs here and there but has been pretty solid. The ability to save a section (block) you build and use it again is huge because it saves time in the dev process. Templates for sections and full layouts are great. The ability to clone an issue is important for that reason as well. Sometimes the layers are a bit tricky and you can’t get a new layer outside of the current layer.

MagLoft always welcomes any thoughts and feedback from our customers. We have come a long way but we are aware that there is still room for improvements that can be implemented. As a small team with a massive product roadmap, there are tons of things that we could focus on but we believe that we should never leave a customer behind and we really appreciate it when customers can see that too.

I think your willingness to help (customer service) is important but also your interest in ongoing innovation to stay on trend. There is a lot we have been able to discuss with the MagLoft team and we are looking forward to seeing these features rolled out soon. Some of these discussed features include Facebook SDK for better sharing options, ability to organize favorites and bookmarking for later reading, new app designs and more.

Another point that is also an added value is MagLoft has been willing to create a Wordpress plugin that helps Change Creator Magazine getting their web app available for sales. This API Integration is really helpful as selling subscriptions on the website save them 30% from the Apps Stores in-app purchase fees. Change Creator Magazine team are also currently in talks with the MagLoft team to find solutions for two new ideas:

The first one is to offer people an ALL ACCESS pass so when they subscribe, they get access to all content in the app. I believe this is already being worked on by the MagLoft dev team. (Note: this solution is now live as per June 24).  The second one is the ability to bundle the magazine subscription with other digital products and find a way to only have the magazine subscription that is recurring and the other are a one time purchase.

Offering champion support, affordable pricing and the ability to sell on their own website has convinced Change Creator Magazine to choose MagLoft as their digital publishing partner.

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