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convert pdt to html content

Convert PDF to Responsive and Interactive HTML with FlexPDF

We have seen an increase in demand for services and help to convert PDF content to mobile-first or responsive content in the last few months. …

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slashing the price of magloft web app

Slashing The Price of Our Web App to Just $29/Month

Do you like our free web app? Well, then you might love the fact that we have just recently changed our price from $99/month to …

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Digital Advertising Formats Compared to Print thumbnail

Digital Advertising Formats Compared to Print

I recently got a really good question from one of our clients. They wanted to know what digital media offers in terms of digital advertising …

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create magazine content

Create Magazine Content; Quality vs Budget

Well, no one can describe properly this age-old question in content marketing era. When you want to create magazine content regularly, quality vs quantity is …

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magazine publishers

Magazine Publishers Need to Know These Successful Strategies

Magazine sales are dropping in the US. That’s according to a study from Statista, who found that (despite a growing number of readers) retail sales of …

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advantages of digital publishing

Advantages of Digital Publishing: Why Should You Go Digital?

It’s impossible to deny that we’re in the digital age. Technology has changed the way we communicate with one another, find information, and experience the …

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605 magazine

605 Magazine: “It Was Time For A Change”

One of the perks of working in the digital publishing industry is that we get to hear a lot of stories from our clients. We …

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Digital Publishing report

Digital Publishing Report: What’s the Future of Digital Publishing?

Society has embraced technology. In a world where we have 24-hour access to information, you can bet publishing has changed to meet those demands. This …

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digital publishing

10 Tips to Improve the Quality of Your Digital Publishing

Digital publishing will be an 8 billion dollar industry by 2020. This means that making your content stand out will become even harder. But to be …

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