Are you struggling to come up with fresh content for your digital magazine? Want to start publishing more frequently but don’t have the time or people to help? There are several article writing services that could help you with getting articles written. In this article we will focus on one in particular because this is an article writing service we have been using for almost a year. It’s called TheHoth!

TheHoth Article Writing Services

thehoth article writing services

About a year ago we wanted to focus more on our MagLoft blog. We also wanted to create more content to help people learn more about digital publishing. Our biggest challenge was that we didn’t have anyone on our team that really loved to write. I certainly do not love to write and found it very difficult to get any content created. So I searched for various article writing services and finally came across TheHoth!

Make no mistake about it. TheHoth is so much more than just article writing services, they also offer a wide range of SEO services and packages. I wrote another article about TheHoth explaining how we use their service here at MagLoft. We have been using TheHoth very successfully for about a year now. It’s about time to share their great service with anyone else in a similar position as we were in.

MagLoft and TheHoth

The big question on your mind is probably “can I use The Hoth as an article writing service for my digital magazine?”. We are convinced you can, but we have yet to hear from any of our clients that are actually using them. I have to say, they have been extremely professional working with the MagLoft team. I can’t wait to update this article with feedback from some MagLoft clients that have tried to use TheHoth for magazine articles.

It goes without saying, that the best content for your magazine is created by you, or your team internally. Consider trying TheHoth for second-tier articles to begin with. These are articles that are still very high quality, but they won’t have the same superior insight into your niche as you have. When we started using TheHoth I was quite skeptical. I’ve tried article writing services in the past for previous projects and they never really turned out well. However, with TheHoth the quality is extremely good.

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Article Writing Services for Magazines?

TheHoth Blogger Service

I mentioned early in the article that TheHoth offers a lot of SEO services. We recommend TheHoth Blogger for article writing services. This is their content creation service that we use for our MagLoft blog. Have a look through our blog articles from the last 6 months. Most of these articles are written by TheHoth. We do however always proof them and add small twists to make them our own. Most of the times however they are almost ready to go.

You can choose between different packages that suit your needs. I would probably recommend going for a 4×500 word package which currently lists for $120. Yes, this is not among the cheapest article writing services, but like my mother always says “you get what you pay for”. And you know mothers are always right!

Give it a shot! If you are looking for great quality content to sprinkle in between your own unique content for your digital magazine we can certainly recommend TheHoth. We have been using them for almost a year and are extremely happy with their service. You can even get on a live call with a rep from TheHoth to discuss the best strategy for you and your magazine.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about TheHoth, we’re happy to share our experience.

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