One of the perks of working in the digital publishing industry is that we get to hear a lot of stories from our clients. We get to hear our clients’ vision, journey, struggles, and missions for their publication. Every once in a while, we stumble upon clients who are so inspiring, we cannot help but feel like we need to share their stories. This time, we can’t wait to introduce to you guys: 605 Magazine!

605 Magazine is a monthly magazine, website, and podcast that celebrates the state of South Dakota. We are lucky that 605 Magazine has chosen MagLoft as their partner in digital publishing, so we decided to interview Alana Snyder, the woman behind 605 Magazine for her to share her experience.

Behind 605 Magazine

Wanting to help people to connect, unwind, and highlight those who are making a difference in their community is the reason why 605 Magazine was created. They do so by featuring the latest events and all of the people who make South Dakota great.

Despite their noble pursuit to celebrate their state, one of the biggest challenges they face is to get a statewide distribution. Being accessible and available in most of the major towns was not enough for them.

Other places deserve to have access to 605 as well. – Alana Snyder

The other challenges is that almost half of their readers are trying to reach them via mobile. However, neither their website nor their online distribution method was built or optimized for one. Initially, they were delivering the digital magazine by uploading it to an electronic publishing platform.

This method was great for a while until it wasn’t anymore, as it always requires their readers to get past the platform’s ads before they can access the magazine. They decided to step up their game, and so it was time for a change.

After they rebuilt their website and made it responsive, they were looking at numerous options to create a native app for the magazine. However, none of them was as advanced, user-friendly, and affordable as MagLoft.
MagLoft has incredible tools to help small, independent publishers grow our audiences in ways we could never afford before. Everything was user friendly leading us to a clean and modern digital product. – Alana Snyder
605 Magazine

The Partner-In-Crime

We stressed in the beginning that we wanted to work with a company that didn’t make us feel like an income, but a partner in crime. – Alana Snyder

When looking for a solution, 605 Magazine team decided that there are two important things they need to consider. The first one is to get their content to readers, as well as getting their readers exposed to their advertising partners as seamless as they could.
605 Magazine is a small, independent publisher. It is a challenge for them to reach a wider audience. With MagLoft’s affordability and user friendly platform, they can now have their own native mobile apps. The app allows them to reach readers across their state, even in the smallest of rural towns, that they cannot physically distribute in.
Really the price is just hard to beat. The quality of the product is outstanding. Other digital publishing companies wanted a $1000 per issue. We could never afford that or even justify paying that. MagLoft really holds it down for the little guys while delivering something user friendly. – Alana Snyder
MagLoft is truly an all-in-one solution for 605 Magazine team. Considering the fact that they are new to the app world, having native mobile apps and Web App keep them up to date with technology standards. The digital publishing world can be complicated at times, but the simplicity of MagLoft tools help the team understand what was going on.
We have had nothing but raving reviews after integrating MagLoft into our platform. – Alana Snyder

Essentially, the total control of user is what wins 605 Magazine’s heart. MagLoft’s mobile and web app design allows them to stay 100% on brand!

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The Numbers

605 Magazine is now growing to have 70,000+ readers per issue and 30,000+ followers on social media. They have received great feedback from readers. 95% of their readers loved how unique their brand is, and their digital audience has doubled since the launch of their responsive website and mobile apps.

MagLoft has made it possible to step up our game and move forward in the media world with an app that’s not only easy to access, but has features we haven’t even been able to dabble in yet, but are excited to get into.

I would totally recommend MagLoft to other companies. It’s so professional and convenient, and it’s so awesome that it’s created with small businesses in mind, giving companies like us a shot at having apps. – Alana Snyder

We are certainly proud to hear that we were able to help 605 Magazine team grow to where they are now, and we cannot wait to witness some more amazing things they’re gonna do in the future!

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