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After struggling with digital magazines for years – without an ideal solution we’ve decided to build one ourselves, and share it with the world!

The MagLoft Story

It all started when Nick wanted to create his own digital magazine. He had no idea how so he began searching on Google for various options. It quickly became obvious that creating his own digital magazine was going to be very expensive or technically challenging.

The overpriced options motivated Nick to start work on a solution that was better, easier and much cheaper to get started with. He wanted to offer other people like himself a simple and fast solution for creating awesome digital magazines.

A few months later Nick had the privilige to spend some weeks with Tobias who was a guest entrepreneur at Livit Spaces which Nick co-manages in Bali, Indonesia. They immediately clicked and Tobias saw great potential in the Magloft project. They became partners and Tobias took on the role as CTO.

Since then our team has grown and we are now 12 team members working on making MagLoft even better! We see a great need to support publishers with their own custom native apps and we are excited to be able to fill that need.


WordPress For Mobile Publishers

We want to have the same impact on digital magazine publishing that WordPress had for bloggers and small website owners. Think about how themes for WordPress made website development for bloggers so much easier and faster. That is exactly what Magloft is for digital publishers.

Creating digital magazines should be affordable and available for everyone who has a story to share. It can be a hobby, sport, profession, fiction, comic, training, promotion, catalogue or anything else. There are no limits and we want to help you get your message out there.

The MagLoft Headquarters

Our company is incorporated and managed from Singapore. We chose Singapore as it’s a vibrant city with a very active startup community. Singapore is also a great place for young companies to be located due to it’s startegically geographic location and startup friendly tax plans.

Most of our team are based in Bali, Indonesia in the tech startup ecosystem Livit. We are fortunate to be part of this startup community where we live and work together with other entrepreneurs and startups. All our daily mundane tasks like shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry and more are taken care of for us, so we can focus all our time on building MagLoft! 


Meet The MagLoft Team Members

We are a passionate team of designers, developers and marketing experts with headquarters in Bali, Indonesia. 
We are passionate technology entrepreneurs and StarCraft II fans!


Nick Martin

Founder & CEO
Digital Marketing Experimentalist with 15 years of Internet Marketing experience. Nick has published and marketed more than 100 small to medium websites. His favorite StarCraft race is Protoss - "My Life For Aiur!"

Tobias Strebitzer

Founder & CTO
Full stack hacker, product design, backend development, user interface and everything in between. Fluent in 20+ programming languages. Wrote his first program at age 6 to track his allowance. Tobias plays Zerg -"For the Swarm!"

Febby Rachmat Gumilar

App Developer
Mobile apps developer with 4+ years experience of developing native app, cross platform app, desktop app and web. Has created softwares with 10+ programing languages. A song writer who loves playing games - “Keep Calm and Stay Cool.”

Rafael Kawatu

Customer Happiness Champion
Rafael is a functional introvert who has been working in the customer service field for years. One of his greatest satisfaction is being able to help people compassionately. A movie geek who enjoys watching TV shows every once in a while.

Christine Mokoginta

Customer Happines Champion
Experienced customer support with political science academic background. Jack of all trades. Loves to write, and not too shabby with a camera either. Sings a lot in the office for her own entertainment. Tv series and food are her first love!

Christian Dimas

Frontend Developer
Mostly working on the stylish side of the web, tried many different things from front-end, back-end, and a tiny bit of IoT. A Tech enthusiast who also loves to travel and take pictures occasionally. Always ready for a spontaneous adventure!

Daniel Malone

Head of Sales
A sales & operations professional blending 8+ years experience across corporate and start-up environments. 33 countries (& counting), I love to travel, explore, keep active and play futsal (that’s 5-a-side for those outside of Asia).
Magloft team - Febriana

Febriana Isnaini

Business Development
Digital Marketer with backgrounds in SEO and Email Marketing. Passionate in continuously learning the arts of storytelling. Horror movies enthusiast who loves to travel, explore new culture and foods! Finished Persona 5 in 2 weeks.

Davinci Solidarios

Design Jedi
Design jedi with a decade of experience in the field. Davinci, yes that’s his real name, is always curious about everything new in technology and has deep passions for six strings and cooking. He is undecided between The Legend of Zelda series and DoTA 2.

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