Who We Are

Magloft is a team of 12 with a mission to help the publishing industry thrive by teaming up with Print Publishers and supporting them to transition to digital publications with their own all-in-one Digital Publishing & Marketing Platform.

How It All Began

It all started when Nick wanted to create his own digital magazine, and had no idea how. It quickly became obvious that creating his own digital magazine was going to be very expensive or technically challenging.

The overpriced options motivated Nick to start work on a solution that was better, easier and much cheaper to get started building their own awesome digital publication.

A few months later, Nick had the privilege of spending some weeks with Tobias, a guest entrepreneur at Livit Spaces,, which Nick co-manages in Bali, Indonesia. They immediately clicked, and Tobias saw great potential in the Magloft project. They became partners, and Tobias took on the role of CTO.

We are the Magloftians

We’re a passionate team of designers and developers combined with Sales and Marketing experts. We are ALL passionate technology entrepreneurs.

Nick Martin

Nick Martin

Founder & CEO

I love to speak with clients and prospects and share how MagLoft can help them achieve more. I’m also in charge of strategy, HR, legal, finances, and making sure the team has everything they need. I’m your classic “jack of all trades” entrepreneur.

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Toby - Formal

Tobias Strebitzer

Founder & CTO

I wrote my first ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software at the age of 6 years in Basic, keeping track of allowances that my family members owed me. Back then, I discovered the strong synergy between business and software engineering. Continuously improving and expanding my knowledge in both fields made me speak 15 programming languages fluently.

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Dan Malone

Dan Malone


As COO, I co-create the strategy and direction for MagLoft with Nick and Toby - then it’s my job to Make It Happen. From making sales to implementing business process' to help us work better together, I am focused on delivering customer value to grow MagLoft while making it a great place to work for our awesome team.

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Sisi Florensia

Product Manager

I design Universal App's product features & requirements; and run tests throughout design, development, and deployment. In Magloft, my role is to bridge and be the universal interpreter between business, development, and customers' voices.

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Shulha Yahya

Senior Developer

13+ years experience in Software Development. I have a great passion for IT and am constantly challenged to provide solutions. I dream of making computers that can think like a human.

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Davinci Solidarios


I take care of the company’s designs assets and work on clients' conversion requirements using our very own Typeloft 2 software.

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Firza Rahmaputri

Customer Success Manager

Your main point of contact at MagLoft – I make sure you get the best experience from MagLoft.

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Febby Rachmat

Full Stack Developer

Fullstack Developer at MagLoft - With 7+ years experience of developing Mobile Applications (Native & Cross Platform), working on all development processes (analyst, design, implementation & test) & project management, contribute in the Backend (APIs) & Frontend development, also helping clients with their custom development requests.

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Senior Developer

Developer for MagLoft’s Universal App & TypeLoft.



Rafael Kawatu

Customer Happiness Champion

I started as a Customer Happiness Champion and have been doing various things along the way, from helping customers with their questions, running the app drone locally to build an app binary, to assisting with all of the small stuff of running a startup.



Natasha Kumala Dewi

Junior Product Marketer

I prepare content related to MagLoft’s product, making sure that you are well-informed about the cool stuff we create for you. P.S: I am the voice behind MagLoft’s Universal App How To Youtube Videos.

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