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There are countless reasons and benefits to starting an independent magazine. However, with over 220 million adults in America reading print or digital magazines, there is plenty of competition in the market. On the flip side, there are 220 million potential customers in your field.

As of 2022, the key to creating and growing your magazine is stumbling upon the right opportunity. To do so, you need a niche and learn how to carry out niche research.

Fortunately, you came to the right place. That’s because everything you need to know about research and starting a magazine is below!

Make a List of Your Interests and Hobbies

Make a List of Your Interests and Hobbies to start doing niche research for your magazine idea

The first place to start with niche research is by writing down your interests and hobbies.

Many poets, writers, and artists said, “If your heart is not in it, it’s not worth doing.” That certainly is the case with the hard-fought world of magazine sales.

Running your magazine is fun and exciting. But there will always be some stormy waters to cross during that period. When things get tough, it’s much easier to persevere through your passions in life than a topic that doesn’t interest you. 

Do you enjoy travel, swimming, or music? Whatever interests you, write them down. But acknowledge it doesn’t have to be your number one choice. 

Do Homework on Your Competition

Do Homework on Your Competition to do niche research for your digital magazine

As with every project or campaign, you can’t afford to overlook doing lots of homework. Research helps you find the strength of your rival and how you can offer clients a better service. But arguably most importantly, it can help you find a gap in the market.

An insider tip is to read up on your competition reviews. You can collect first-hand information from potential customers. 

If people find it too expensive, make it cheaper. If people prefer articles with many photos, make sure to add quality ones to your content.

Narrow Down Your Magazine Topic

Once you decide what interest you want to concentrate on, it’s time to narrow it down. It is crucial since it’s the reason people buy your magazine or not. And a way to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

So, how do you narrow down your topic? 

You do it by choosing a specific area in your topic. For example, if you run a food magazine, it might be focused on BBQ foods. Or, within travel, you can concentrate on hidden gems or free attractions.

The best niches to tap into are issues that are not being explored or addressed. 

Research Your Niche

Doing homework on your competition is not the only piece of research you must complete. To be sure your niche is profitable, you must research in advance. Otherwise, you could be wasting your valuable time.

The vital question you should know the answer to is if people are interested in your content. Find out if people are looking online for your niche. The best way is to search forums, online discussions, and reviews from similar firms.

Google keyword research is also a terrific way to figure out if people are searching within your topic. You can find out exactly what people are searching for on Google.

Trending Topics for a Magazine 

Trending Topics for a Magazine 

In the modern era, topic trends can turn and change quickly. So it’s critical to get up and running from the word go. 

It wasn’t so long as when polka dot dresses and Aerobic leg warmers were all the craze. But as those trends moved along, so did the world of content creation.

These are some of the most popular trends for magazines in 2022:

  • Newsletters for customers
  • Special editions 
  • Adapting within your workplace
  • Sustainable travel
  • Social media marketing

Even though those are popular items to include in magazines in 2022, they shouldn’t derail your plans. The best niches are the ones hidden in plain sight. If many people knew about it, the gap in the market might not exist.

Enroll in a Course

Since the global pandemic, more and more courses and classes are online. This allows you to educate yourself on your topic or learn how to run your magazine. 

Enrolling in a course might not seem like it helps research niche topics, but it does. After learning about your preferred niche, you’ll be able to determine if it’s the right fit for you and if the demand is there. 

Skillshare and Udemy are among the top-rated online learning platforms. There are classes and monthly subscriptions for as little as $19. Some courses can last only 4-6 weeks, giving you enough time to plan your magazine. 

Test Your Magazine Niche Idea

Test Your Magazine Niche Idea

Testing your magazine niche idea is the final stage of research. It’s a time when you can finally see your hard work paying off. 

Setting up your site is the easiest part of the operation. From here, you must test everything from how many people visit your website to asking friends and family what can be improved. Every piece of information you pick up is vital, no matter how small.

If you don’t see the results you hoped for, don’t worry, it’s often the case with startups. It can be something as simple as a tweak of your digital marketing strategy with better CTAs. Or you might need to focus more on paid ads to spread brand awareness.

There are excellent digital marketing tips to help solve that problem. Just be sure to make notes of what changed when you tweak your campaign or strategy.

Start Planning Your Niche Research

Starting a magazine is easy. But if you want to see it grow and succeed, it requires lots of hard work. No more so than putting effort into your niche research. 

Without choosing the correct niche topics, you’re already on the back foot fighting against well-known magazines and papers. 

After reading our article, you now know how to find a gap in the market. So it’s time to clear your schedule and start researching your magazine niche!

Once you’re ready to go, claim a free trial for building your successful digital publishing business. And watch your online business rise to the top!

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