Apple review usually takes 7-10 days and you can still work on your content during this period of time.

It only takes a few hours for Google to asses your Apps.

Good question!

We need all this information for two main reasons:

  1. Some of the information and assets (graphics etc.) are required in order to customize your app. We will build your app code and use your submitted information for this process, before we send it to app stores.
  2. Most of the information is required as we will create and setup your app store listings. We will upload your screenshots, descriptions, keywords, etc to the app stores as they require this information in order to publish your apps.

If you want to setup your store listings on your own, just let us know and we will tell you the minimum information required to submit for creating your apps.

Magazine title is your own magazine's name that will show up in the App Store.  A display name is the text that shows up under your app icon.

Your title should be descriptive and include 1-2 of your most important keywords!

Example title:

WordPress Tutorials - Train You To Publish Blogs

In the above title I actually have 5 keywords which could seem a bit much and doesn't read very well either. By working on my title and changing it to:

WordPress Tutorials Show you the Art of Blogging

makes it a little easier to read and is not stuffed with keywords limiting it to 3. Perhaps not the best of examples, but there is a great blog post about titles and display names (also called bundle display name) right here which we advice you to checkout.

It's a section in the app where you can put your company's information or your magazine details.

Choosing the right keywords is important. Try to use as many as possible but maximum 99 characters.

Facebook installs is a way to measure which Ads from a Facebook Ads campaign resulted in installs. If you plan to run paid ad campaigns for your app in Facebook, you should add your app name and app ID to MagLoft.

We will be needing your App Icon and header icon for the app itself (2200 x 500)

MagLoft allows you to have 2 types of subscriptions by default. If you are interested to having more than 2 types of subscriptions please send email to us to

Awesome. Please send an email to to let us know you are ready and we will review your account. We are building your App and it's getting into the App store listing based on the information that you've provided.

You can have a temporary password set up and you can always change it once the app is built.

We have almost 100% approval rate from both apps stores. However, if something goes beyond the line, we will review the apps and attempt to re-submit it.