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Welcome to Honest History's app—a place for kids to explore the past through the interactive, digital version of Honest History Magazine. 

Try a monthly subscription for unlimited access to every digital issue of Honest History for the duration of your subscription. Or, try a single issue. We have issues on pirates, astronauts, spies, underwater explorers, and so much more. 

We want to spark children's imaginations and inspire them to create a positive impact on history themselves. You'll find each page filled with stories and illustrations that encourage critical thinking and further discussion about topics outside of the magazine. 

So, go ahead and dive into the adventure magazine for young historians. 


Honest History is a place for kids to explore the past and re-discover stories of people, just like us, who changed the world. Launched by a small team of passionate 'history nerds,' our staff includes professional historians, illustrators, and storytellers who carefully craft each quarterly issue. 

In our experience, history contains answers and also sparks new questions — our goal is to bring true tales from around the world into the imagination of children (and their parents, too). We value research, journalistic integrity and accuracy above hyperbole. Truthfully, we believe that history contains stories with facts greater than any work of fiction. Our aim is to encourage children to conduct their own research and uncover stories of their own, supported by data and accompanied by a sense of adventure.

Design plays a large role in our magazine and we set out to source the most talented illustrators to design each issue as something to collect and cherish. Finally, we believe in sustainable commerce and education, starting with green printing and leading to partnerships with schools and educational brands. We’re excited you’ve joined us on this adventure and, as always, happy reading.


Send us an email at hello@honesthistorymag.com and check out our website at honesthistorymag.com