MagLoft Classic - Mobile Apps Solution

We cater for publishers of all sizes and offer a simple and transparent monthly or yearly payment plan. 
We also support large organisations and enterprises that require dedicated resources and custom development.


Web + Android App
$ 199
/ m
  • 2,000 Readers
  • Web + Android App
  • Unlimited Issues + Articles
  • 1 User Account
  • Analytics + Push Notifications
  • API Integrations


Web + 3 Mobile Apps
$ 299
/ m
  • 5,000 Readers
  • Web + 3 Mobile Apps
  • Unlimited Issues + Articles
  • 1 User Account
  • Analytics + Push Notifications
  • API Integrations


Custom Solutions
From $ 499
/ m
  • Unlimited Readers
  • Web + 3 Mobile Apps
  • Unlimited Issues + Articles
  • Unlimited User Accounts + Roles
  • Analytics + Push Notifications
  • API + SDK Integrations

Why MagLoft Is Different

We believe in mobile first content, 100% control of your apps &
revenue and the ability to publish content frequently to your readers!

Mobile Content

MagLoft apps are developed with responsive and interactive HTML5 content in mind. Offer your readers a true mobile experience.

Publish Frequently

Offer your readers daily/weekly updates by connecting your blog and adding articles to your mobile apps.

Try Before You Buy

Access all the features MagLoft offers to better understand how it can help you. Take the time you need to get branding, content and marketing in place before you launch your apps.

Own Your Apps!

We publish apps in your own developer accounts so you stay in 100% control of your apps and revenue. Our technology, your apps!

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not thrilled about our products and service in your first 30 days let us know and we will refund your purchase.

Amazing Support

Our customers love us because of our amazing customer success team! We are consistently rated 10/10 for our support and the team will bend over backwards to help you.

Compare Our Plans And Features

MagLoft offers one of the most advanced, affordable and feature rich plans available in the industry today!

Indie App Mobile Business
Web Only
$0 /m
Forever free
Web + Android
$199 /m
Web + 3 Apps
$299 /m
Starting from
$499 /m
IssuesIssues are a combination of articles which can be downloaded and read in apps and the browser.
StorageMagLoft provides storage so you can store your content safely.
  Number of readers
Number of readersReaders who have registered with their email address and logged into your app at least once.
500 2,000 5,000 custom
  Import PDF
Import PDFYou can upload your PDF files and make them more interactive by dragging and dropping widgets in the editor.
  Import EPUB
Import EPUBYou can directly upload EPUB files into MagLoft and add additional widgets in our editor to make the EPUB more interactive.
  Import HPUB
Import HPUBAn HPUB file is basically a mini-website where you create all the HTML, CSS and JS yourself.
  Import RSS Feeds
Import RSS FeedsAdd your website RSS feed to automatically import and sync your articles to your apps.
  Mobile Articles
Mobile ArticlesCreate mobile articles directly in MagLoft or import the articles using RSS feeds to showcase them in your mobile apps!
  Import from Adobe
Import from AdobeCreate your content using Adobe tools and upload it into MagLoft.
  Unlimited User Accounts
Unlimited User AccountsInvite as many of your teammates as you need to work with you in MagLoft. This can also be used for allowing clients to get access.
  Unlimited User Roles
Unlimited User RolesYou can give access to your teammates and assign roles to their account.
  Remove Ads
Remove AdsWhether you are in our free or paid plans, your platforms will be free from any advertisements.
  Custom Graphics
Custom GraphicsUpload your own graphics into MagLoft to build your own brand.
  Remove MagLoft Logo
Remove MagLoft LogoGet a fully branded website by removing our logo in your web app.
  Fully Branded Mobile Apps
Branded Mobile AppsThere are zero MagLoft brandings in your mobile apps. They are 100% brandable to your magazine.
  Mobile Live Preview
Mobile Live PreviewSee how your issues and apps will look like using the MagLoft preview app.
  White Label Account
White Label AccountRebrand our portal to make it appear as if it is yours. Perfect for digital agencies and resellers.
  Reader Registration
Reader RegistrationYour readers will be able to sign up within the web app or the mobile apps and their account details will be stored in the MagLoft portal for your marketing or promotion benefits.
  Double Opt-in
Double Opt-inAbility to require readers to confirm their email so you will get real emails from them.
  Import/Export Subscribers and Readers
Import SubscribersYou can easily import your existing subscribers to MagLoft as well as export your subscribers' data from MagLoft.
  Email List Manager
Email List ManagerEasily integrate your MailChimp account to MagLoft so all your readers can be added to a custom MailChimp newsletter list.
  Basic Analytics
Basic AnalyticsSee how many issues have been downloaded by your readers in a particular period of time.
  Advanced Analytics
Advanced AnalyticsThis tool will help you to track the usage within your mobile apps and the web app.
EventsLearn what readers are doing in your apps using our pre-built event tracking like issue opens, page reads, etc.
FunnelsA sequence of events which helps you see how your readers flow through your mobile or web application based on the default app events.
CohortsGroup your readers based on the events performed, such as who accessed your app using iOS devices in the last 30 days or who purchased your issue in the last 7 days.
  User Profiles
User ProfilesDetailed view of individual readers such as their app activity, device details and demographics.
  Custom Messaging
Custom MessagingBased on the User Profiles, you can also send push notifications to your readers’ devices as well as scheduling the push notification to be sent automatically.
  Custom Analytics
Custom AnalyticsOur Advanced Analytics feature comes with a lot of events that can be customized based on your specific needs.
  Responsive Content
Responsive ContentContent that can scale automatically to fit any device size, resolution and orientation!
ThemesWe provide you with TypeLoft themes that can help you create your own content.
TemplatesPre-built page templates that allow you to build mobile content much faster.
  Content Blocks
Content BlocksSmaller sections of content that can be reused across issues and pages.
  Special Effects
Special EffectsAdd transitions, actions and animations to your content.
Video/AudioYou can add your audio and video to your TypeLoft media and then include them in your content.
SlideshowDisplay a series of images as a swipeable slider (works in web and mobile).
  Hyperlinks and Hotspots
Hyperlinks and HotspotsAdd links to other pages, external pages and content with ease.
  HTML5 Widget
HTML5 WidgetEmbed anything you want using our HTML5 Widget in our editor.
  Video Background
Video BackgroundOur editor will allow you to set a video as your issue page background.
  Enrich PDF Files
Enrich PDF FilesMake your PDF file more interactive. Adding videos, images, links, and audio is easy by dragging and dropping in the editor.
  Panorama Image
Panorama ImageEasily upload your wide-angle image into your content.
  Media from Unsplash
Media from UnsplashYou can easily import beautiful images and photos into the editor from Unsplash.
  Calls to action
Calls to actionCreate special call to actions such as downloading issues, rating your app and taking a trial subscription from within your content.
  Custom Fonts
Custom FontsUse your own custom fonts in the TypeLoft editor.
  HTML5 Web App
HTML5 Web AppGet your own branded web app to share your amazing content with the world! Your readers can access it right from their desktop or their mobile browser.
  Social Sharing
Social SharingShare your content via social media.
  Branded URL
Branded URLUsing your own URL or domain to brand your magazine.
  Embed on Website
Embed on WebsiteThe web app can be easily embedded on your own website.
  Android App
Android AppYour 100% branded Android app listed in the Google Play Store.
  iOS App
iOS AppYour 100% branded iOS app listed in the Apple App Store.
  Amazon App
Amazon AppYour branded native app will also be available in the Amazon app store.
  SDK Integration
SDK IntegrationAlready have an app and want to include digital magazine functionality? We can help with that.
  Enterprise App Builds
Enterprise App BuildsOther than app stores, you can also distribute your app privately to your clients/readers using Enterprise App Builds.
  App Promotion Page
App Promotion PageUse this page to promote your mobile apps and web app. Your readers will only need to click the links to install your mobile apps or visit your web app.
  In-App Pages
In-App PagesCreate special pages that show in your apps based on what your readers are doing. You can show a welcome screen to new readers. You can ask readers to take a free trial every time they open the app until they accept the trial. And much more.
  Custom Subscriptions
Custom SubscriptionsImport your existing subscribers to MagLoft or reward your readers with a free subscription. This can be done easily using our Custom Subscriptions. You can also do it in bulk by importing a CSV file.
  Sell Online
Sell OnlineAllow your readers to purchase access to your content from the browser.
  MagLoft Commission
MagLoft CommissionYou won’t be sharing your hard earned revenue with MagLoft as we do not take any sales commission from you.
0% 0% 0%
  Mobile Purchases
Mobile PurchasesYour readers can purchase your issues or subscriptions right from your mobile apps. The payment will be through Apple, Google, or Amazon and go straight into your developer account.
  Web & Mobile Sync
Web & Mobile SyncYour readers can access all issues they purchased on their mobile apps or the web app. They just need to log in to unlock the issues.
  Integrate Ecommerce
Integrate EcommerceLooking for a custom integration with your existing ecommerce site? We can help you with that.
  WordPress Plugin
WordPress PluginAn easy way to synchronise your subscribers from WordPress to MagLoft.
  Custom Emails & Design
Custom Emails & DesignYou can customise the system emails that are sent to your readers from MagLoft.
  Push Notifications
Push NotificationsSend unlimited push notification messages to your readers to communicate and engage with them.
  App Rating
App RatingMagLoft makes it simple for readers to rate your app. Our tool will request readers to rate your app in different intervals. Your readers can rate your mobile app on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. This rating will influence how your app ranks in search results and can affect whether someone downloads your app.
  API Integration
API IntegrationEnabling interaction between data, applications, and devices from your system to MagLoft.
  Smart Banner
Smart BannerOnce installed on your website, mobile readers will be prompted and offered to download your mobile apps in addition to reading on your website.
FacebookThis tool will allow you to track usage within your app such as App Install, App Launch, and In App Purchase.
WebhooksEnabling event callbacks from MagLoft system to yours.
  Augmented Reality
Augmented RealityExperience an interactive object of a real-world environment right from your mobile app.
  Custom Content Hosting
Custom Content HostingDo you need to host your content on your own server? We can help you integrate MagLoft so you store all your content on your own cloud hosting.
  Custom Email Delivery
Custom Email DeliveryUse your own email sending capabilities in order to brand MagLoft system emails as sent from your domain.
  1:1 Editor Training
1:1 Editor TrainingHave a chance to get trained by MagLoft founders and team privately about how to use our amazing content creation tool, TypeLoft!
$ $
  Priority Support
Priority SupportOur amazing Customer Success team will prioritise your messages and address them as fast as they can.
$ $
  Theme Development
Theme DevelopmentWe can build custom themes that match your design and brand. These themes come with a set of page templates allowing you to quickly build mobile content that is branded and private to you.
$ $ $
  Issue Production
Issue ProductionWe can help you convert PDF to responsive HTML issues or even create them from scratch based on your content and assets.
$ $ $
  ASO Review & Submission
App SubmissionMagLoft takes care of all the technical parts until your apps are live in the stores. We also handle any rejections that might come from App Stores. We don’t stop working until your apps are live.
  Dedicated Account Manager
Account ManagerYou will be assigned to one of our top account managers that will always make sure you are informed and receive the highest level of support. This person will know everything about you and always prioritise your requests.
  Custom Development
Custom DevelopmentWe can build anything! If you have custom code requirements, let us know, and we will give you a quote on the development.
  Custom SLA
Custom SLAWe can fulfill specific requirements for SLA’s that are outside our regular terms.

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Our Free Trial lasts for 30 days, during which you will have full access to all of our features to see how they fit your needs.

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We want you to feel 100% comfortable trusting MagLoft with your business which is why we offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

Register for a FREE account today. Your 30 day money back guarantee starts from when you upgrade to a paid account.

Frequently Asked Questions

We love questions! If you don’t find an answer to yours below please contact us here.

MagLoft is all in one digital publishing solution to help you get your content published in fully branded apps to all the major app stores and online. MagLoft is your technical partner in digital publishing as we take care of all the technical details so you can focus on your content. We believe control and ownership should be 100% in our clients hands which is exactly what you get by becoming a MagLoft partner. Your Brand. Your Apps. Your Revenue.

We offer a no-questions-asked refund within 30 days of your purchase. If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply let us know and we will refund your purchase right away. Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community of publishers. If you are not thrilled with the product and service that we offer then we are happy to refund you.

If you select our Mobile or Business plans, then you will need your own developer accounts. The Google Play Developer account will cost you $25 (lifetime access) and the Apple Developer Account will cost you $99/year. 

The developer accounts are required for publishers looking to use in-app purchases to sell digital issues and subscriptions. It’s an Apple and Google thing and MagLoft does not control this or have a way around it.

We encourage publishers to have their own developer accounts. This way all revenue goes through your own account and not a third party. You also remain in 100% control of your apps and store listings. In the unlikely event you wanted to move from MagLoft to another provider you also have that flexibility thanks to your own developer accounts.

We love startups!

As a startup ourselves we understand and try our best to support others as well. If you are a startup interested to use MagLoft as your platform, please get in touch with us at Let us know more about your startup and how we can help.

We’re happy to let you know that there’s no minimum commitment period for the MagLoft subscription. We do not want to force you into a yearly contract or similar from the get go. We want you to get started using MagLoft without having to worry about anything.

As our subscription renews automatically every month, this also means that you can cancel your subscription anytime as well (although you will be breaking our hearts).

So no commitment on subscriptions but we do offer 2 free months if you decide to upgrade to an annual subscription, which you can do at any time.

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