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Exciting Updates From The MagLoft Team — July 2017

We at MagLoft are constantly working to improve the experience of you and your customers. While a bulk of our updates and changes are so …

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MagLoft Plans for Growth

MagLoft Announcing New Price Plans

On April 30th at midnight CET MagLoft will officially be changing their price and plan details. Please read this article if you are interested in …

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New MagLoft Publishing Portal Feature Graphic

MagLoft Publishing Portal Facelift

Today we launched a new version of our online MagLoft publishing portal. We have added a few new features and given core parts of the …

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MagLoft iOS App

MagLoft iOS App New Features and Improved Design

Today we are launching version 2.0 of the MagLoft iOS app. This new iOS version comes with a slight redesign and with a set of new features. We …

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MagLoft Content Blocks

Content Blocks Allow You to Reuse Multiple Widgets

We are very pleased to officially release our latest edition to our TypeLoft editor – content blocks! You may have already seen this button and …

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Responsive Parallax Theme for Digital Magazine Issues

We have created a new responsive parallax theme that you can use when creating your digital magazine issues. Parallax is a super cool feature that …

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MagLoft Setup Fee Assassinated! We Killed The $399 Fee!

We’re all super stoked to let you know that we killed the $399 one time MagLoft setup fee! In case you were not aware, we …

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Responsive Magazine App Shelf

It can be quite challenging designing an app for all devices, especially talking publishing apps. That’s why a responsive magazine app shelf is super important. Both …

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App Designer Options to Improve Layout

We have released more app designer options which allows you to customize the look and feel of your magazine publishing app even more. We know …

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