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TheHoth Managed SEO Solution

Managed SEO Solution for Startups That Don’t Have Time

What do you do when you don’t have resource in-house for professional SEO? You turn to TheHoth for help with their managed SEO solution! We …

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Welcome to MagLoft: Moving to Bali and Other Things

“I guess I’m going to Bali then,” was my first thought when I received my offer letter from MagLoft. It was an exciting opportunity for …

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Rafael Answers 16 Questions about Working at MagLoft

1. Why does it have to be 16 questions? Simple. I’ve been working at MagLoft for 16 days by this April 30th minus the weekends, …

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Startup tools and software

Startup Tools, Software and Apps we use at MagLoft on a Daily Basis

As a startup, I always find it very interesting to hear what software and tools other startups are using. I thought it would be cool …

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Public Feature Request Board

Public Feature Request Board Using Trello

Updated August 1st 2018 Update: since I wrote this article I did receive some feedback from the community and a lot of praise for Trello …

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