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Career Day Bali Island School Presenters

Career Day at Bali Island School

It’s already been around two months since I participated in the career day at the Bali Island School but I remember it as it was …

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MagLoft Internship in Bali – Why I Left My Full-Time Job

A Quick Introduction About Me My name is Selina Yang and I am from Melbourne, Australia. The land of inconceivably great coffee and unpredictable weather …

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livit logo fix big

What is Livit? And what does MagLoft have to do with it?

Livit is of great importance for MagLoft and has played a huge role in its development. That is why this blog post will be just …

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MagLoft at DCX 2018

MagLoft Attending Digital Content Expo (DCX) in Berlin

Meet The MagLoft Founders at DCX Berlin We would love to meet you in Berlin! Feel free to contact us directly or schedule a meeting …

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life at magloft

A peek of Life at MagLoft: Bali Wake Park & All-You-Can-Eat BBQ!

Some of you may be wondering, how does one live their lives when working on the most beautiful island in the world? In this post, …

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Watch a Typical MagLoft Workday in Bali Indonesia

I thought it would be fun to show people what a typical work day at MagLoft in Bali, Indonesia looks like. We have had a …

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What to Expect when Working in Bali

At the very beginning of an adventure you tend to forget about time, along the way time seems endless but at the end you realize …

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Milestone: Internship at MagLoft in Bali Indonesia

What? MagLoft has an Intern? How did this happen? And when? These questions might have just popped into your head and I will be there …

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article writing service feature

Article Writing Services to Help You Create Content for Your Magazine

Are you struggling to come up with fresh content for your digital magazine? Want to start publishing more frequently but don’t have the time or …

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