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publishing a book

Publishing a Book 101: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

The global book market is worth well over 100 billion dollars. Are you ready to publish your own book and get a piece of that market …

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self publishing UK

9 Common Beginner’s Mistakes All Self Publishing UK Authors Should Avoid

British publishing is already the number one exporter of books, and UK publishing income rose 5% last year, so it has never been a better time …

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self publishing companies

Self Publishing Companies: Everything You Need To Know!

Self publishing companies aren’t only book publishers–they’re also business driven owners. Self-publishing is a form of entrepreneurship. It requires time, effort, and business management. You may …

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lulu self-publishing

Lulu Self-Publishing: Why You Need to Avoid It!

Stop right there. Do not press that button to use Lulu Self-Publishing without reading this article! You’ve spent countless hours perfecting your work. It makes …

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Self-Publishing Ultimate Guide: What You Need to Know

Self-publishing has changed things for writers, nowadays indie writers take in 40% of the revenue in the e-book industry. When you’ve got a book sitting hot …

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Self-publishing marketing

Self-Publishing Marketing: Top 9 Tips You Need to Know

So you’ve been working on your book for months or even years. The moment you’ve been waiting for is here. You’ll hit that self-publish button …

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self publishing poetry

Self Publishing Poetry: 10 Essential Tips That Can Help You!

While very few books that traditional authors release turn much of a profit when you self-publish, you could keep up to 70 percent of the sales. …

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self publishing a novel

Self Publishing a Novel: Top 10 Tips That Can Help You!

If you can’t get your book published the traditional way, don’t give up. Try self-publishing a novel! In 2018, it’s easier than ever for a …

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Indie Publishing

Indie Publishing: 7 Tricks for the Digital Space

With self-published books now accounting for over 31% of the sales from major online retailers, self-publishing is becoming an increasingly viable option. Beyond writing books, many people …

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