Digital Publishing

American educational publishing

Educational Publishing in America: The Future is Digital

The e-books industry is here to stay, with a projected revenue of $20 billion within this year. This roughly translates to about 266 million books sold, with …

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Digitization : 6 Ways Can Improve Your Business Enterprise

With small businesses slated to spend $75,000 every year on digital marketing, digitization has created powerful changes in every enterprise. The way you did business just 5 …

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Going Digital

Going Digital and 6 Benefits This Brings to Publishing

Print publications have been one of the most disrupted industries in the 21st Century. Digital technology has laid waste to traditional publishing mediums for a …

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Digital Publishing Trend to Watch for in 2018

Are you wanting to stay competitive in the digital publishing world? Here are some of the digital publishing trends to keep an eye on for …

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brand awareness digital publishing

Brand Awareness Using Digital Publishing

Are you a publisher still printing your publications? What is wrong with you? Publishing is a competitive market and you need to stay relevant! Everyone …

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Digital Publishing Platforms

Digital Publishing Platforms: The Ultimate Guide To The Best

Updated on Monday July 18, 2018 In this article we will cover why digital publishing is on the move and which digital publishing platforms are …

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Android Ads Label

Ad Supported Label by Google Play

Hi all! Super quick update from the MagLoft HQ. Late last year Google announced that they will start labeling all apps (ad supported) if they …

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Apple kills newsstand

Apple Kills Newsstand!

Without a doubt, the biggest news for publishers during Apple’s WWDC was the announcement of the new Apple News App which will ship with iOS …

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