Digital Publishing

kindle digital publishing

Kindle Digital Publishing: Your Ultimate Guide!

Long gone are the days when writing a book involved years of agonizing over rejections from agents and publishers. Thanks to modern technology anybody can …

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Publishing courses online

Publishing Courses Online: The Best 6 For You!

Publishing courses online is now more accessible than ever. In past years, to publish a book, you had to go jump through all the hoops …

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publishing agents

Publishing Agents: How to Find the Best Ones?

So you’d like to publish your novel. Great! You could go the indie route, but if you’d like to go traditional you’ll most likely need publishing …

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Feature Story Ideas 2-01

Feature Story Ideas : How Do You Find The Best Ones ?

Writer’s block. One of the most frustrating cases that, not only stops you from writing but also pauses your mind and you feel like you …

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digital magazine layout

Digital Magazine Layout: Your Step-By-Step Guide

A great digital magazine layout is one of the things that sets a magazine apart from other publications. Magazines are meant to be read, but …

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artists on art

Artists on Art Magazine Uses MagLoft API To Gather New Subscribers

Artists on Art Magazine is a bi-monthly digital magazine for artists in all media who are interested in learning about craft and current art culture. Artists …

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Print vs Digital 2-01

Print vs Digital Magazines: What Do Readers Prefer?

For years, we have been engaged in the print vs digital debate. The pendulum swings back and forth as we pit the two forms of …

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Change Creator Magazine

Change Creator Magazine: Why MagLoft?

Change Creator Magazine is not just another business magazine app. With a mission to change destructive business practices and empower the change generation, Change Creator …

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create digital content

Create Digital Content With an Impact Now!

Are you looking for ways to create digital content? With so much competition in the digital world, it can be difficult for people to get …

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