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Android Digital Magazine App Solution for Print Publishers-01 (1)

Android Digital Magazine App Solution for Print Publishers

The MagLoft team has just released a new plan option for publishers interested in creating their own Android App for their magazine. Previously all our …

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app publishing

App Publishing: 7 Resources You Need For Success

As of January 2017, Apple had 2.2 million mobile apps available for download on its various iOS platforms. With the explosion of smartphone usage and the increasing …

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app publishing

App Publishing: The Ultimate Guide!

The collective smartphone app marketplace is a digital boomtown that just won’t stop growing. There are currently 5.8 million apps on Apple and Google’s app stores combine …

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Should I Get An App

Should I Get An App?

Should I get an app? Do I need an app? Is having an app essential for me? These questions typically come up before you can …

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publishing your content as native apps

Publishing Your Content as Native Apps: How MagLoft Can Help You!

In the last decade or so, there’s a massive transformation with mobile phones. Now they’re no longer just a communication device. Mobile phones have become …

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app store alternatives

10 App Store Alternatives for Publishers to Consider

The Apple app store is slated to have 5 million apps on its digital shelves by 2020.This means that even the best apps will have …

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Sample Clients

Magazines App Examples From MagLoft Publishers

Magazine App Examples by MagLoft “Can you show me some magazine app examples from MagLoft?”, “Do you have some sample clients I can see?”, “Do …

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App Store iOS 11 MagLoft

What Does The App Store Redesign Mean For You?

Apple has been keeping their avid fans busy with one big announcement after another. Amidst rumors circulating about what the 10 year anniversary iPhone will …

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Baker Framework

Baker Framework – An Open Source Digital Publishing Framework

The homepage of the Baker Framework website describes themselves like this: Baker is an HTML5 based digital publication framework for publishing interactive books & magazines …

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